11 iftar recipes that will make you want to ditch the conventional samosas, jalebis and pakoras

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In Pakistan, an average iftar table will be deemed incomplete without the staple samosas, pakoras and jalebis. Towards the 15th roza though, we get tired of eating the same thing for iftar every day for the entire month. This Ramazan, we are going to help you make your dull iftar menu a little more exciting, a little more scrumptious.
Here are 11 delicious iftar substitutes you can add to your iftar menu:

Yes, nachos! Tortilla chips topped with meat, sauces and cheese is every child’s favourite. If you have kids, they will love you for making this for iftar. You can even make a desi version of nachos. Here is the recipe.

Deep fried crispy green chillies filled with peri-basted chicken and cheese are irresistible to us all. It doesn’t get better than peri bites, EVER! Here is the recipe.

If you are too desi for peri bites then this is the dish for you. It’s a stuffed green chilli in a pakora, what else could you possibly ask for? You can even stuff the chilli with a filling of your choice. Here is the recipe.

Tired of the conventional spring rolls and kabab rolls? This South Indian dish will replace the traditional with the exotic. Dosas are made using rice and lentils and are stuffed with potatoes seasoned with mustard leaves. You can serve them with a chutney of your choice. Here is the recipe.

Chicken quesadillas are absolutely a go-to recipe when you can’t decide what to make. Tortilla chapatis stuffed with saucy chicken and cheese is an absolute win at every iftar table. It is both tasty and fulfilling. Here is the recipe.

Tikka mint rolls are not your usual tikka boti rolls or spring rolls, it is a mix of both with an added minty flavour. Here is the recipe.

Shawarmas are an Arab invention and we love them. Pita bread roll stuffed with chicken, lettuce, tomato, Arabic pickles and garlic sauce, this roll can accommodate all your cravings. Here is the recipe.

We’ve all had aloo parathas. We’ve even discovered nutella parathas. But what we haven’t given enough value to yet are the qeema cheese parathas. Filled with protien, calcium and fibre, this isn’t just a healthy substitute to some of the other deep fried items we normally find on an iftar table, it is mouthwateringly easy to make too! Here is the recipe.

We know, chana chaat is one of the most loved iftar dishes in Pakistan, but Chana ghotala is a step forward. It has an authentic Punjabi taste and is the perfect dish to satiate all your chaat cravings. Here is the recipe.

Want to mix a little bit of east and west? Well, we have the perfect recipe for you. These pizza parathas are the perfect fusion of desi and Italian. You can make the stuffing as rich as you like, so if you like that four cheese pizza topped with pepperoni, olives and mushrooms – why not put all those ingredients together to make yourself a delicious mix between a pizza and a calzone with a paratha? Here is the recipe.

Who doesn’t like potatoes? In fact, one of the things our iftar table cannot survive without is potatoes. So if you want to try something different with potatoes, this recipe will be the best cheesy surprise anyone can ask for.

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