5 Amazingly Delicious Desserts You Have to Try this Eid!

There’s nothing worse than inviting people over and making a whole spread for Eid – the appetizers, the main course and then ultimately, the most Pakistani type of food of all;the dessert – only to find no one actually went and bought it.

The excuses are endless; ‘bohat garmi thi‘, ‘mujhe kaise pata hota mein kamra saaf kar rahi thi‘, ‘fridge mein woh purani wali mithai nahi hai?‘ and your guests are already composing their review-style gossip text to their relatives, “Sameer nay tou kuch meetha hi nahi khilaya! Eid par!! SOCHO!!!“

Escaping this horror seems next to impossible.

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Don’t worry though, we’ve got your back. Compiling a list of the yummiest and most simple desserts, these treats we found are low on the difficulty scale and high on tantalizing your taste-buds! Sure to take the least amount of time to make, these incredibly fun to make recipes can even be found on the Made Easy app! There are no better face-saving desserts to make this Eid before-hand than delicious delights!


Mind-blowingly easy to make, this super quick and super delicious dessert holds no comparison over other more finicky, long-winded recipes, at the end of which you’re almost always like this:

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But have no fear! This amazingly tasty dessert is great for those who don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen. With cinnamon powder and vanilla essence enhancing the flavour, breakfast becomes the dessert you never knew you needed!


Cut bread in half, and place a spoonful of strawberry National Jam (or however much you want!) in the middle of the bread, and run a finger with water on the edges of the bread, and place the other sliced half over it to seal it.
Then, whisk eggs, low-fat or soy milk, vanilla essence and cinnamon powder for dipping the bread in to be coated. Place the bread in a frying pan on medium heat with half a spoon of butter with vegetable or olive oil to fry the toasted treat on one side, and add more for the other after it’s been cooked.

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When it’s that lovely golden brown colour, you know it’s time to quit cooking and start stuffing your face with it! You can add strawberry sauce or icing sugar of your choice to taste and proceed to devour it!


You know you’re lying if you didn’t desperately wish all those times you had that amazing Boston cream donut that it could be a bigger size. You no longer have to wait for donut makers to come up with a large sized version of this delicious treat though, you can just as easily make it a reality!


This dessert can be made super easily at home and will have all your guests dying over as to how you managed to make it. You can even substitute that silky chocolate glaze with any melted version of your favorite chocolate – be it the kind you eat every day, or cooking chocolate – and assemble the rest, which couldn’t be easier! See complete recipe here!



This is a heavenly treat that you can not deny yourself. Seriously, if you don’t make this, you will most definitely be missing out. Coffee lovers can unite! This dessert manages to incorporate the best of all flavours; chocolate, vanilla, coffee. How does it do it? See the recipe here!


This refreshing yet tangy dessert has it all! The creaminess of the cheese cake, the refreshing orange flavor and the amazing crunch of the biscuits – this dessert is an all-rounder, and the hardest to beat.


With a recipe as quick and easy to follow as this, and no baking at all, this mouth-watering inclusion of scrumptious fruit offsets the cake making it a deliciously healthy treat. See the rest of the recipe here!

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Does Nutella need any additional dessert? Perfect as it is, it’s sure to make your sweet tooth happy in a blend of custard, and marie biscuits!

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Crush 2/3 cups of Marie biscuits until they form a crumbly powdery texture, then add 3 tablespoons of butter to it and mix. Spread the layer in the serving bowl intended to serve the pudding in and keep in the fridge for half and hour to set. Melt Nutella spread into National Vanilla Custard while it’s being made, the ratio should be 1 part Nutella to 2 parts Custard; so however much custard is required, this should be the proportion that follows. Scoop it onto the dish with the Marie biscuit base, and let it set for 2+ hours in your fridge. Top it off with more Nutella, or cream and chocolate shavings of your choice and enjoy!

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Do yourself a favour and try these recipes, they will surely take you a parallel world filled with sweetness and happiness. For all the dessert lovers out there, you can find more heavenly dessert recipes here!

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