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Biryani ki Kahaani – Origins of Biryani

“India Pakistan ki jang mei, jeet Biryani ki hui hai” (in the war between India and Pakistan, Biryani has emerged victorious). I can still hear my grandfather’s voice echo inside my ears as he filled my plate with the Delhi Wali Zafrani Biryani and told me about his experience with the indisputable king of rice. My grandfather migrated from Delhi...


The constant hiss of the Karhai woks, tall glasses of lassi, the sizzle of the grilled corn, and the constant aromas of food at street corners, that's Lahore for you! The city that lives through its heritage of food and stories from the Mughal era. Let's explore the delicacies of Lahore with a modern touch at Junoon, a coming-of-age restaurant...

The East End

In a conversation with Adil Moosajee, one of the brilliant brains behind The East End, we learn how exploring the roots of Karachi in terms of gourmet food can be an exhilarating experience while turning out to be one of the toughest challenges.We also talk to Muffi Halai and Gulnaz Siddiq about food styling at The East End and how...

Life As A Pakistani Expat

Living far away from family, friends and our country is one of the hardest decisions we have ever taken. To start a fresh life in a new country with a foreign culture without compromising on our religious values and customs is not an easy feat. The support and communication systems that exist today were not present a few decades ago....

For The Love Of Biryani

Biryani is considered a Mughlai crowned dish that has its origins in the royal courts of the Subcontinent. It is a dish that has taken the heart of South Asians, Middle Easterners, and even Europeans. For me, Biryani has always been a happy meal. Being a food fanatic, I always try to explore the traditional tastes of any dish in...

Spruce Up Your Ramadan Game

Level UP YOUR RAMADAN GAME Since Ramadan is around the corner and we all host at least one iftar daawat for our families and friends, I thought why not get some insights with my expert home chefs and share the knowledge with everyone. First, if you are the person who goes around saying Ramadan is for ibaadat and not for...

Kitchen Hacks That Will Save Your Time For So Much More

There is nothing better than a home-cooked meal enjoyed with family. But with all the hassles of our daily lives, from shopping to cleaning, planning to preps, keeping those meals well-rehearsed and time-efficient is a talent in itself. We see our moms so well managed, but for a working woman like so many, finding the time to prepare that perfect...

Eating Healthy Is Now #MadeEasy

Want to make sure that you are following a balanced diet and eating healthy? Here are some tips to make all your meals favorable to your health:

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