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It’s impossible for anyone to think of the upcoming days for Eid without automatically being in a good mood for the next hour. Why, you ask? Because of all the paunch increasing sugary treats that are about to come our way! Mith

We all get those insane food cravings from time to time, when you want the food to appear just right there in front of you. You know what I mean! I’m talking about that hunger-pang inducing, tummy growling, begging-mother-to-mak

made easy

Every Eid we dress up in our best clothes, wear bangles, get mehndi applied and then go off to our relatives. No matter how happily we are greeting them with Eid Mubarak, nazar hamari Eid trolley pe hi hoti hay. Will it be the st

made easy

We love Eid ka naashta, whether it is at your place or at nani’s dadi’s place. The men coming back from namaz in their starched kurta’s and namaz ki topi. The women getting dressed up – new clothes, mehndi and lots of bang

It has been almost 46 glorious years since National Foods Limited built a warm home in the hearts of Pakistanis. Be it the mouth-watering pickles, plain spices or easy-to-cook recipe mixes, the brand has made cooking easier and de


Don’t we all look forward to having something fresh and cold to drink at Ifaar? After fasting throughout the long, hot day in Ramadan, there is a definite need for a refreshing pick-me-up to soothe our dehydrated ‘souls’!

The most important meal of the day during Ramazan is undoubtedly Sehri. And so it has to be most nutritious meal along with being delicious as well. To survive the hot days of June in Pakistan while fasting, calls for a healthy ye



In Pakistan, an average iftar table will be deemed incomplete without the staple samosas, pakoras and jalebis. Towards the 15th roza though, we get tired of eating the same thing for iftar every day for


There’s nothing worse than inviting people over and making a whole spread for Eid – the appetizers, the main course and then ultimately, the most Pakistani type of food of all;the dessert – only to find no one actually we


Packed with work throughout the day, and trying to get that heavy-duty sawaab time in, it’s almost impossible to find the energy or time to make food for yourself for and after iftar!

But these amazing 15-minu

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All year round, we look forward to the month of Ramadan. The opportunity to be a better Muslim and do good deeds is a major reason but the other reason is the absolutely scrumptious food that is served.Yes, we might not admit


The moment that dinner is over there is just one thing on our mind. What’s for dessert?Maybe some decadent chocolate mousse, or a fudgy chocolate brownie or some creamy vanilla ice cream… but there are some desserts that w


For those of you who spend the entire day in Ramadan preparing flamboyant feasts for iftari we truly appreciate the effort and of course the pakoras!Unfortunately most people lack the time, resources and of course the patience


Everyone loves going out to a restaurant to eat. It is a time honored tradition people have followed for decades. But regardless of how much you love going out to eat there are times you wish the restaurant would come to you. Whet