6 Game-Changing Ramadan Recipes

6 Game Changing Ramzaan Recipes 1 1 -

First of all, you don’t have to wait until Ramadan to try these amazing recipes but if you’re willing to wait, it’s going to be a tough one. These #MadeEasy recipes are bound to make you drool over your screen. Are you ready?

1. Pizza Bites

These little bites pack all the punch of any cheesy pizza. Perfect for when you want to try everything at the Iftar table.

See Pizza Bites Recipe

2. Tandoori Mac & Cheese

A touch of Desi to this Angraizi classic makes this a satisfying meal. Leftovers for Sehri too!

See Tandoori Mac & Cheese Recipe

3. Garlic Mayo Spicy Prawns

Fire up those taste buds at Iftar with these saucy prawns. Make sure you have enough to share!

See Garlic Mayo Spicy Prawns Recipe

4. Spaghetti With Chapli Meat Balls

A Peshawari twist on the Italian classic for the ultimate comfort food.

See Spaghetti With Chapli Meat Balls Recipe

5. Pakora Hotdog

Corn dogs meet Pakistani street food. This deep fried delight will have kids and adults asking for more.

See Pakora Hotdog Recipe

6. Mexican Tacos

The perfect starter for sharing. National Sauce add a local touch that we crave so hard in Ramzan.

See Mexican Tacos Recipe

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