Kitchen Hacks That Will Save Your Time For So Much More

Kitchen Hacks That Will Save Your Time For So Much More -

There is nothing better than a home cooked meal enjoyed with family. But with all the hassles of your daily life, from shopping to cleaning, planning to preps, keeping those meals well rehearsed and time consuming is a talent in itself.

We see our moms so well managed, but for a working woman like me and others out there, finding the time to prepare that perfect meal and that too in time is quite a challenge. But hold on, I have the best hacks for you to enjoy your cooking while consuming time to get a little more joy out of mealtimes.

1. List down your grocery list before going out for a shop

The first and foremost time saving hack to list down all your necessary grocery items before you head out to shop. Creating a shopping list will help to buy everything necessary for the week instead of running to the store for one or two items, one or two extra times. In fact, to save even more time, make a list that is reusable since we usually use the same item for every other meal; saving time by not having to write a new list every time you go to shop.

2. Use a slow cooker to cook that beef and veggies for your meal

You have to love those slow cookers! Slice those veggies as per your requirement, toss them in the pot and slow cook to cover your extra chores easily without the fear of your meal getting burnt every other minute.

3. Simplify your meal with National Foods Spices

There could be nothing better to save your time in meal prep than a box of wholesome goodness with the right amount of spices for a perfect meal. National Foods is your perfect partner in preparing an entire meal, where everything spice is simply on point and nothing is overcooked once you follow the written method of prep properly.

4. Keep those cabinets organized – ingredients placed with name tags

Those messed up cabinets can lead to disastrous kitchen conditions, while preparing your meal. If you know where everything is, you always know exactly where to find which ingredient accordingly. Not only that, but you can easily tell when you are running low and need to buy more ingredients in advance.

5. Clean as you go by cooking your favorite meal

The best way to keep yourself consumed and time savvy, wash the dishes and utensils as you cook your meal. By the time you are done preparing your meal, all your dishes will be done as well and you can rest well before serving the meal and enjoying it with your family or friends.

6. Frozen Vegetables for a quick meal preparation

There is no doubt that fresh is better, but then there is no harm in saving time for quicker and easier meal prep. Plus, you will never realize the difference in taste, well of course depending on your cooking sense and abilities also. Vegetable medleys are versatile and come in a wide variety of combinations.

7. Place all necessary utensils where they are most used at in the kitchen

We don’t usually realize how an easy access to a utensil also saves our time, but that’s actually true! So, the best way for easy meal preps is to place your most used utensils in a jar next to the stove. Not only that, but keep the pots and pans near the stove also; strainers near the sink and knives and cutting boards near each other if possible as per your kitchen design.

8. Try to prepare and use one-pot recipes for a quick and easy meal

Well the subject says it all. If you can prepare a meal in just a pot or pan, then why is there a need of using more? It makes cleaning up half as time consuming and cooking a lot easier. Plus, one-pot meals are typically simpler and require fewer steps, which is a huge win in itself!

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