Life-saving Pakoray Tips For Ramadan

Pakora Fried Chops 1 -

We can hear the faint echo of sirens - signifying the time for Sehr/Iftar - as the blessed days of Ramadhan are nearing. So, to get you geared up for an early start, we introduce 10 spectacular tips for making a snack loved by everyone - PAKORAY.

1. Batter Perfection

First and foremost tip, to ensure that the batter has the perfect texture and consistency, add one part of rice flour and one part of chickpea flour (Besan). This trick is bound to make your family members go all gaga over this desi delicacy.

2. Bring The Crisp On

If you and your food enthusiasts love crispy Pakoray, add a pinch of corn flour to the batter and you’ll be thanking me, obviously after you are done with devouring the whole platter (which was meant to serve 6 people).

To make your pakoray even more crispy, add chilled soda or ice cold water in the batter. Adding soda may sound weird, but who is to stop you from being eccentric if it guarantees deliciousness?

Or you can save yourself all the hassle, and just use National Pakora Mix for the ultimate crunchy pakorays. It’s #MadeEasy for a reason!

3. Mix It Up

If you are looking to spruce up your regular recipe and experiment with something unique, add chopped spinach (however much you like). It will make the potato fritters even more flavorful & lip-smacking!

4. Fluffy Fritters For You

If you’re someone who’s not too fond of crispy fritters, make them fluffy and aerated by whisking the batter in one direction rather than in random directions.

5. Lid it Go

To prevent them from becoming soggy and mushy, do not cover your frying pan with the lid. This soaks in all the moisture inside the fritters only. Always serve them in an open dish or plate, with lots of green chutney of course!

6. Double The Spice

Top these steaming hot, mouth-watering pakoray with National Chat Masala for that kick of extra spice and they are ready to be served. Serve with National Hot & Spicy Ketchup to take the spice level up a notch. Absolutely delicious!

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