Eating Healthy Is Now #MadeEasy

Want to make sure that when you eat food its healthy and full of nutrients, here are some ways to make your regular food healthy .

Smart Planning for Big Dawats

We all love home-cooked meals but let’s face it; they take a lot of time and effort. Bringing you some desi cooking hacks that make cooking at home easier and faster with tried and tested results! Cook quicker & better pleasing your guests on your upcoming Dawats!

Easy Iftar Dawat Upgrades

As the month of blessings and forgiveness is coming close every day, Muslims all around the world are getting excited prepping up for Ramadan. Here are some of the efficient Iftar Dawat planning tips which will definitely be helpful for you:

Easy by Fatsos

In a conversation with Maha Jawed, the owner of Easy by Fatsos, we learn about the hard work, trial and error along with planning that goes behind putting forward the most scrumptious doughnuts Karachi has ever had!Easy, as they say, is 'A Friendly Carb-Factory' and a 'Hub of Comfort Food', stays true to its essence.…

Super Savaari

Hop on a journey with us, exploring and experiences some of the most loved food spots in Karachi! All aboard the mighty Super Savari Express.Super Savari Express is a social movement, encouraging people to explore their cities, take pride in their culture and show the world their heritage. Super Savari Express has bagged multiple awards…

Cooking #MadeEasy For All 20+

The era we live in is one where time management is EVERYTHING, especially if you’re in your 20s and trying to climb your way up the ladder. From work to home, from your bed to the gym, everything must be allocated a certain time frame in order to keep yourself on a fast-track. Similarly, kitchen…

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