The Art of Bite Sized Food

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Less ingredients, more flavor & a lot of experimentation makes bite sized food very interesting. It is tough to take your eyes off beautiful canapés. Isn't it? To make interesting appetizers from Asian/Pakistani food is a challenge as we are not use to of plating food individually but our flavors can surely be a crowd pleaser. To master the art of bite sized food keep some tricks up your sleeves & please your guests.

Presentation matters

It is all about good looks & good looks (of course taste too but we eat with our eyes first, always remember). Bite sized or finger food needs quite an effort to look beautiful as well as taste great. Find inspiration from magazines, Pinterest & keep experimenting.

Less is more

Always go for less ingredients but flavors that work together. Ideally canapés are said to have 3 to 5 ingredients but pick them carefully. Put a gol gappa in a soup spoon, fill with boiled potatoes, drizzle some sweet n sour tamarind sauce, chaat masala & you’re done.

No Mess

Individual bites make it easier for you to clean up the after-party mess. Use toothpick or shashlik sticks to present food on a platter. Soup spoons makes an impressive finger food platter. Remember, bite sized food has to be easy to grab n go leaving no remains.

Timing is everything

Assemble your bites at the right time to avoid sogginess of base. Like if you’re using a crispy base (crackers, puff pastry or samosa Patti) then you have to be really careful with assembling of the canapes as it can get soggy real quick. Use a piece of cheese slice, lettuce or a pepperoni as first topping to keep the cracker base crisp. Viola!!

My Desi Food bites Ideas

Stick-o-kebabs – Shami kebab batter rolled into a kofta shape, dip in egg & crumbs & deep fry. Use shashlik stick to hold it or put the kebabs in a small glass standing tall.

Creamy Dates n nuts – Deseed a soft black date, cut in half, put some crushed almonds & pistachios on every piece & finish with some fresh whipped cream & maybe silver flakes & a rose petal.

Inspired to host a party now? I am sure you are.

When it comes to decide what to serve in bite size, sky’s the limit literally. Everyone loves finger food in a party mood. You just need to make the flavors work together in the most beautifully presented platter. Challenge yourself and find inspiration.

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