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Custard Trifle

Recipe Contributed by Made Easy Community Member : Asma Saboor

Meal type: snacks
  • 10-20 min
  • 15-30 min
  • 4
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For Eid and get togethers


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  • National banana Custard
  • Sugar (as much needed)
  • Milk
  • National crystal jelly (I used the green one)
  • 1 plain cake
  • 1 tin of cocktail fruits


  • Prepare custard. According to pack instructions.
  • Prepare jelly according to pack instructions.
  • Cut plain cake into slices and set them in the bottom and sides of your bowl.
  • Then add cocktail fruits as much as you want. Also, add 2 to 3 tbsp of cocktail syrup to the cake to get the flavor.
  • Cut the jelly into cubes and set over the fruit.
  • In the end pour custard on the top.
  • You can arrange the layers of trifle according to your choice.