Here’s How You Can Make Your Favourite Dishes In 15 Minutes!

We all get those insane food cravings from time to time, when you want the food to appear just right there in front of you. You know what I mean! I’m talking about that hunger-pang inducing, tummy growling, begging-mother-to-make, almost-next-to-crying wali cravings you get around the middle of the night, but you’re too tired to get up and actually go make the food yourself.

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Don’t you wish there was a hassle-free way to make the food you most like? Well, if there’s a King or Queen of the Chefs, they NEED to sound an alarm because we just found out you can make 5 of your all time favourite dishes in under 15 minutes!

You read that exactly right. National Made Easy‘s site has ingeniously managed to cut down the cooking time for a whole bunch of Pakistani favourites by more than half their time, making for amazingly mouth-watering dishes in the quickest time possible – almost like it could appear in front of you!

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This spicy Pakistani twist on the yummy Mexican dish is SURE to set your taste buds on fire in all the best ways! Get the recipe here!


They go amazingly with a sweet, rich chocolate or a hot and tangy marinara, and are to. DIE. FOR. Once you’ve made this delicious dish in the shortest time possible, you’ll be making these again and again!

Get the recipe here!

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It is almost IMPOSSIBLE to find any place that serves amazing nachos. So why not make them at home to your exact taste yourself! Digging in with that amazingly tasty cheese (you know which one I’m talking about!) these homemade nachos make it easy to pretend you’re kicking back and relaxing in a movie theatre – with amazingly good food!

Get the recipe here!


There is absolutely no need for cutlets after having one of these bombs. Exploding with flavour (literally!) the crunchy, cheesy decadence of these potato bombs will have you rolling over in a kind of happiness only world peace could rival!

Get the recipe here!


The ULTIMATE classic; fish and chips, the tastiest and crispiest fish will send you right back at the beach – minus the annoying sand! This 15-minute wonder recipe is ideal for those big family lunches too, when you want to make something tasty in a hurry.

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