Recipe Mixes

Green Biryani

Biryani has just got a makeover in the most significant color of our nation, "Green". Make it more delectable using the ever so good, National Bombay Biryani Mix.

Chicken Tikka Taquitos

A Spanish traditional dish which is made with pepperoni is now being presented with chicken pieces made with National Chicken Tikka Mix.

Pakora Fried Chops

A rare combination of flavors you’d never get tired of. Cook them using National Pakora Mix for a much finer, nicer & scrumptious taste.

Shahi Kabli Pulao

Fancy a Royal meal? Try this rich and flavorful recipe of Shahi Kabli Pulao made only with National Pulao Mix.

Chimichuri Tikka Steak

Test out National Tikka Boti Masala by making a delicious savoring Chimichuri Tikka Steak in the ease of your own kitchen.

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