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Parsi Dhansak

This delicious and popular Parsi dish can be made with chicken or lamb. You can even omit the meat altogether and go vegetarian. Dhansak, mixed with National Haleem mix, is best to enjoy with brown rice and salad.

I Made It


  • National Haleem Masala 1 packet
  • Chicken with bones 500 gm
  • Onion – chopped 1
  • Tomatoes – chopped 3
  • National Ginger Garlic Paste 1 tbsp
  • Arhar Daal ¼ cup
  • Moong Daal ¼ cup
  • Masoor Daal ¼ cup
  • Channa Daal  ¼ cup
  • Pumpkin (kaddu) deskinned – cut in cubes ½ cup
  • Potato (small) – cut in cubes  1
  • Eggplant cut in cubes ½ piece
  • Ghee 4 tbsp
  • Lemons 3-4
  • Brown Rice – to be served 2 cups

For Dhansak Masala:

  • Coriander Seeds 1 tbsp
  • National Cumin Seeds 1 tbsp
  • Dried Talhaar Mirch 2
  • Cinnamon Sticks 5-6
  • Black Peppercorns 1 tsp
  • Cloves 4
  • Green Cardamom Pods 1
  • Black Cardamom  1
  • Caraway Seeds 1 tsp
  • Black Cumin Seeds 1 tsp
  • Fenugreek Seeds 1 tsp
  • National Turmeric Powder ½ tsp
  • Saffron a pinch
  • Ground Mace ¼ tsp
  • Nutmeg 1


  • Soak all the pulses Arhar Daal ¼ cup, Moong Daal ¼ cup, Masoor Daal ¼ cup and Channa Daal, ¼ cup in 1 bowl of water for an hour. Now cook them on pressure cooker with 2 tbsp of National Haleem Masala till all the pulses are boiled. Cool them. Blend them completely.
  • For Parsi Dhansak Masala, roast all the ingredients and let them cool. Now add them in a grinder and finely grind them.
  • Now separately, add 4 tbsp of ghee in a pan and 2 tbsp golden brown chopped onions in it and add 1 tbsp National Ginger Garlic Paste. Add ½ cup chopped tomatoes. Add the Chicken and cook for a while, till it changes color. Add 2 tbsp Parsi Dhansak masala and cook until it becomes a gravy. Add 2 tbsp National Haleem Masala and cook on low flame with 1 cup of water till chicken is boiled completely.
  • Now add all the blended pulses in it and cook it for 20 minutes on low flame.
  • Serve with lemon wedges and brown rice
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