Recipe Submission


Writing the ingredients:
  • Only 1 ingredient per line
  • Ingredients to be listed in the order of use
  • How ingredients are needed to be prepared? Mention in front of the ingredient. For example 1 Onion (Finely chopped/sliced)
  • Be as specific as you can with the quantity of the ingredient. For example a pinch of salt or up to taste
  • Spell out everything such as tablespoons or teaspoons etc.
  • Break down the ingredient list with headings if there are different stages of preparing the recipe. For example a baking a pie requires separate ingredients for crust and filling
  • Use generic or commonly used names of the ingredients for better understanding
  • You may use any of the recipe from Made Easy as a reference to write the ingredient list
Writing the method:
  • Indicate the size of bowls or cookware. For example “In a large frying pan/bowl…” etc.
  • Indicate the level of heat for the recipes. For example “Simmer over low heat for about 5 minutes…”
  • Mention exact or approximate cooking. For example “Sear 1 minute for each side or Bake for about 20 minutes till the crust turns to light golden brown color…”
  • As mentioned above in the ingredient list, if there are different parts of the recipe kindly divide them by adding headings. For example “For the crust” then write the method and after that “For the filling” then write the method
  • Separate each step with a paragraph.
  • Finish with serving instructions including how to plate, how to garnish etc.
  • The last instruction should be regarding storage, if applicable.
  • Feel free to take any recipe as a reference to write down the method.

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