Pakora Hotdog

Those who like Hotdogs, will absolutely love this recipe. The supreme aroma & indulging flavor of sausages, buns & National Pakora Mix makes it the star of the show.

I Made It



  • Slice the hotdog buns in half but keep one side closed. Spread National Classic Mayo inside.
  • To prepare the Pakora Mix, add 3 tbsp National Pakora Mix in 1 cup ice cold water.
  • Coat the defrosted hotdogs in flour first, and then in National Pakora Mix batter.
  • Deep fry them until crispy golden.
  • Now place each fried sausage inside the bun. Drizzle the hotdog with Green Chatni, National Classic Mayo and National Chili Garlic Sauce.
  • Sprinkle powdered potato slim chips on the top. Serve with National Ketchup